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Our benefits will differ depending on where you are going to be treated. ahm OSHC Health Insurance has a network of partner hospitals across Australia to help members reduce their out-of-pocket costs for theatre and accommodation charges.

Where will you be treated?

  • Partner Hospital / Partner day surgery
    We have agreements in place with the majority of private hospitals and day surgeries throughout Australia. If you need to go to hospital, ask your doctor to refer you to one of our Partner Private Hospitals, so you can reduce your out of pocket costs for theatre and accommodation charges.
  • Public hospital
    You can choose to be treated as a public patient in a public hospital at no charge but you may have to go on a waiting list and you won’t be able to have the doctor of your choice. If you choose to be treated as a private patient in a public hospital we’ll cover the cost of accommodation in a shared room or private room if available, for all procedures covered by your policy, except for restricted services or excluded services and those not covered by Medicare.
  • Non agreement hospital
    Some hospitals don’t have a contract with us, so if you’re treated in a non-agreement hospital, you’ll only receive a limited benefit, which means you will have more out-of-pocket expenses to pay than if you are admitted to a Partner Hospital.

Using the search tool

Use the search tool below to find a Partner Hospital near you. If your Doctor has requested a hospital you can use the tool below to determine whether they have a Partner Hospital agreement with us or not.

  • To browse through a full list of hospitals, choose your state from the list below and click on the Hospital Listing button. 
  • To select a specific type of hospital e.g. partner hospital; use the ‘Hospital Type’ list.
  • To narrow your search you can also enter the hospital name and/or post code.

Note: Our lists are updated regularly, so if your hospital is not listed please call us on 134 148.

We recommend that you also contact us to confirm your health insurance benefits and any additional costs before you receive hospital treatment. 

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