Our relationship with Rosebud Endoscopy hospital has changed

Important information for our members



After 12 November 2023, Rosebud Endoscopy hospital is no longer part of our Partner Private hospital network.

Why this change? 

ahm OSHC has arrangements with most private hospitals and day surgeries in Australia, called Partner Private hospitals, which enables our members to get better value for included treatments at these hospitals. For example, Partner Private hospitals generally won’t charge out-of-pocket costs for hospital accommodation for Included services. 

These Partner Private hospital arrangements help us to keep health cover costs as low as possible for international students. In putting those arrangements in place, most private hospitals have worked with us on delivering excellent care at an affordable price.

Unfortunately, in recent discussions with Rosebud Endoscopy hospital we’ve been unable to reach an agreement to provide affordable ongoing Partner Private hospital arrangements for our members. We haven’t taken this decision lightly and while it’s not the result we had hoped for, we believe it’s important for all international students to keep health cover costs affordable. We’ll continue to talk with Rosebud Endoscopy to try and reach a new Partner Private hospital agreement that allows us to deliver great value health cover. 

What does this mean for you?

After 12 November 2023, Rosebud Endoscopy hospital is no longer part of our Partner Private hospital network and may now choose to charge you additional out-of-pocket costs for services such as hospital accommodation.

Hospitals are required to give you information about your potential costs, so make sure you ask the hospital and your doctor about this before your treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Things you should know:

# Partner Private hospitals are not available in all areas.

* Subject to meeting all eligibility requirements at the time of service, refer to your Cover Summary and Member Guide for more information. Specified periods listed above meet the requirements of the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman’s Termination and Transition Guidelines.